Sara Dal-Santo: What I'm meant to say to other students thinking about going abroad

If it’s crossed your mind enough to think about going abroad, you should probably sign up and go abroad. You will have no regrets.
But Sara, what if I miss my family and friends back home? That’s what phones are for (bless Facebook messenger for letting me make calls on Wi-Fi).

Money is a concern? Work your ass off, apply for all the scholarships available (apparently there are more out there than you know about for people trying to go on opportunities like these), and budget, budget, budget (trust me, you can make it work).

Don’t speak the language of the place you want to go? Don’t worry, they make these programs for people like you! The majority of my friends in class don’t speak a word of French are still are alive and living. Having English as a first language is a huge advantage (except for when they proff tells you your English is too perfect and therefore she can’t understand a word your saying..yeah thanks Mme Mereal)

Scared of flying? Take a boat! Find a way! You won’t regret going but you will regret missing out on such an amazing opportunity.
Sara Dal-Santo is a Capilano University Bachelor of Business Administration student studying abroad at INSEEC Business School in Bordeaux, France.


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