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Alex: Whirlwind

It has been quite the whirlwind ever since I received my acceptance to study abroad in Scotland. Preparing for the exciting experience of an exchange program is not an easy and simple process. The question of whether or not a visa was required was the most stressful situation throughout the planning. Hearing different concerns from my mom, Erica (who is studying abroad here as well), and previous people who went abroad made the answer very complicated very fast. However, situations always seem to come together, and in the end they did. Although a lot of the planning process was left to the last minute, I still made it to Scotland.

My first weekend in Aberdeen wasn’t the best experience. My travel day was smooth and went without a hitch, but my accommodation was filthy and had a stench that didn’t agree with my sense of smell. My room was ridiculously dusty with a mattress that looked overused. All I wanted to do at this point was purchase some bedding so I could sleep, but of cours…