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Gregory Thorburn: Enjoying Life Abroad

When I first got to Amiens and started attending classes, I was very quiet, but that’s what I’m always like. It takes me a while to open up, but I eventually did and met lots of nice people including fellow Canadians from Ontario. This is the first time living on my own, and I have to say I think I’m doing pretty well. Knowing how to cook is key while I’m on my own, and being organized and tidy has helped me a lot.
Having lots of time off from school has let me travel to 9 countries so far. I think that’ll be it for now since I’ll be back in Paris for Christmas and New Years. I made good friends with the Canadians, and I travelled to many cities with them. Brussels, Amsterdam, Cologne, Budapest, Vienna and Prague. When I flew here at the end of the summer, I was able to visit Monaco and the south of France with my family. My girlfriend also visited in October and we travelled to London to see an old friend, and stayed in Paris as well. I’ve gotten a lot done this semester; it’s the cha…

Gurkirn Sran: Working For The Mouse

Learning about the Walt Disney Company has been eye opening. Even though I did a ton of research on the Disney Company to prepare for my interview, there are still tons of new facts and information as the company has such a rich history and is constantly evolving. I think what surprised me the most was the emphasis the company puts on safety. Every decision is made while putting both the guests and casts safety first. It is of such high importance that the company has a special phone line dedicated to reporting any safety concerns one might have and have the number printed on the back of every employee ID. Overall, the program has been very exciting and beneficial. Some days are harder than others but I’m grateful to be able to have this experience and am looking forward to the months to come. I am especially excited to start travelling now that I have settled in and have adapted to the life of a ‘CP’.
Gurkin Sran is a Tourism Management student at Capilano University. Gurkin particip…

Gregory Thorburn: Settling in Amiens, France

Firstly, I’d like to say that if you choose to study abroad here in Europe, start saving asap! Amiens is a beautiful little city located just north of Paris in the Somme department. It is home to the third-largest cathedral in Europe, and the largest Gothic cathedral in France.

The city is focused from the center, as soon as you drive ten minutes from the city center, things space out and soon you’re in the countryside. It has great shopping located on the rue des trois Cailloux, this is the main strip where you’ll find restaurants, shopping, and city events. Amiens is a festive town, and there’s a lot to do here.

Every weekend there’s always something to look forward to. After living here for a month, I’ve settled in quite nicely. I recommend you take advantage of the cheap wine here, and the vast variety of tasty cheese that takes up entire aisled at the grocery store.

French life is very relaxed; restaurants are usually closed in the afternoon and open back up around 7pm. They like…