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Michael Dekur: Differences in China

Wow, where to start! Most things I do and experience in everyday life in China are much different than back Canada. Two differences that have really stood out is the amount of people that live here and not being able to use some internet websites. Let’s begin with how many people there are in China. Everywhere I go there is people, people and more people! There is no such thing as an uncrowded sidewalk, metro station or even McDonalds. Unlike in Canada where it is quiet and you have lots of space, in China I constantly get pushed and run into by people. I feel like everyone here is always on a mission to get somewhere. Furthermore, I always have to look both ways before crossing the streets because cars will not stop for you. If anything they speed up when they see a pedestrian in their way. I have learned that cars have the right of way over people! Secondly, is the blockage of internet sites. Everything that I am used to browsing on a daily basis does not work here. Facebook, Snapch…

Ruby Woodruff: So Far, So Good

When I left Vancouver I was an emotional wreck. I was so overwhelmed with leaving my friends and family that I kept bursting into tears. On top of that, I was stressing that I wouldn't be allowed into the country or that I'd forgotten some important paperwork... Luckily these worries were short lived and everything ended up working out. Now it feels like years ago, as opposed to weeks, that I was flying into the unknown on Air New Zealand.

Fortunately my friend lives in Auckland, so I spent my first week and a half on a blow up mattress in her storage room while I got myself sorted and found a more permanent place to live. I also bought a bike so that I could explore the city on my own.

Auckland is very similar to Vancouver. It’s surrounded by water and there is greenery throughout the city. However, it's not quite as bike friendly as Vancouver, but they are working on more cycling infrastructure. Despite the bike issue, Auckland is an incredible city with so many different…

Sara Maria Dal-Santo: C’est quoi ca!? (What’s that!?)

After wandering the globe and living out of her suitcase for two months, the wild Sara finally settled down in Bordeaux, France, the land of baguettes, cheap wine, and croissants. A month in of living off her favorite food of muesli and yogurt, she finally sits down to write an exciting blog post. She stares at her blank computer screen pondering what to write as thoughts of delicious shared meals at friends’ houses, late night classes, and hazy wine infused nights fill her head. She should be on her way to the local gym hasn’t quite woken up on this slow, sunless Sunday. She decides to make lists instead of writing out millions of characters for this blog post.

Groceries I need to buy: - Bananas - Muesli - Yogurt - Wait no, this is not what I’m meant to be writing… Here we go…
Things I love about Bordeaux: - Fresh “pain au chocolate” from the bakery - The chance to improve my French (and other random languages) - Cobblestone roads
- The extremely diverse mix of cultures from around the world …

Cheyenne Kuckein: APPLY NOW!

So you're thinking about studying abroad, EHH?! Well then, let's start with this. THIS WILL BE THE MOST AMAZING EXPERIENCE OF YOUR LIFE.

Is your study abroad application submitted yet? If not, stop reading now and get on it!

Now that your application is in, let's move on to some advice. I've only been here in Caen, France for about two months now (wow, time really flies), and there is so much I have already learned from my adventures. More than any lecture, any textbook, any instructional video, any how-to manual.

My advice for all you study-abroad-hopefuls is simple:
Meet as many new people as you can. See as many new things as you can. Try as many new things as you can. Learn the language-- it will unlock so many doors for you in life. (Oh, also maybe arrive with a nickname if your name resembles an inappropriate French word. Conveniently both my first and last name have given me some issues ;) On the bright side, it’s a great conversation starter!)

Most importantly, do…

Natalie Szuk: The First 30 Out of 182 Days Spent in Europe

My semester abroad came around quicker than I could’ve imagined. After being accepted in October, I couldn’t believe it was already February 2 and I was leaving to embark on this six-month adventure of a lifetime. Unfortunately I can’t say that the beginning was easy. Basically everything that could’ve gone wrong did. After thirty hours spent in transport, one missed flight, and six lost pieces of luggage, we had finally arrived in Vienna. Adjusting to Austrian culture wasn’t easy and it still isn’t. While in Canada we’re used to friendly strangers smiling from across the street and apologizing for you bumping into them, the mannerisms in this country are not quite the same. It’s rare to see a smile from someone you don’t know, and very common to have random strangers yelling at you in German for reasons that you’ll never know. As an overall however, Vienna is an amazing city. Wherever you go, you are surrounded by beautiful buildings that are even older than the city of Vancouver its…

Arianne's Does China!

I entered China very excited. It was fascinating to be emmersed in another culture. They have a really developed train system. It took me only 5 hours to get across the country to Guangzhou, China. Travel tip: next to nobody speaks English outside of Guangzhou so if you are traveling to other provinces, it's best to brush up on basic terms.

Food Pace yourself. The sanitary regulations are different and your body won't be use to the bacteria right away. You'll get use to it though. I got too excited , are something off and was knocked out for a few days. Oops.
My roommate and I had to buy everything from toilet paper, pillows, to cups etc... The culture isn't big on laundry mats so we had to buy a washing machine. Which sucked cause it was a bigger expense. It was fun using the machine for the first time though! It's nice to have someone from home to share the new experience with.

University Life The classes are interesting and they will go over some content we…

Tourist Life By ERICANANA

This past month has gone by fast. I was more so being a tourist in my own city. Connor, Dima, Alex, and I went to the light show, Spectra. It was all throughout the main parts of the city centre. The coolest part was at a college where they had a movie type light show. It would show up along the outside of the building, while they played music and talked about the person that was being shown. Another part of the light show was at the Church which also has a grave surrounding it. Inside the church they had an electric force of a light, almost looked like a static electricity ball.

Valentines Day was well spent with good company. Seven of us went out for thai food, and shared the experience of trying a drink called ‘Pennywort”. One of the weirdest tasting drinks I’ve ever tried. Dinner was really tasteful, I had the Vegetarian Pad Thai. After dinner we departed with all the boys, and met up with more girls to go watch a movie, “How to be single”. Some of us left feeling more miserabl…

Scotland 2016 BY ERICANANA

Departure: The day had finally come to move to Scotland for a semester. We left the house at 7:30 am, and had to do errands along the way to the Airport. Mom, Grandma, and Smelly had all come to see me off. I got to see my little nugget (Daniel), and Amanda one more time, then we were off. Once we arrived to the airport it started to feel so real, then the goodbyes came. Of course it ended with us tearing up, was not an easy time but I knew that I had an adventure coming just around the corner.

Arrival: Three planes later I had finally made it to Aberdeen, Scotland. I had a girl awaiting for me at the airport to help me find my way to my new home, Woolmanhill Flats. As I arrived I had to check in, then made my way over to my Flat, and into my new room for the next 4 months. As I walked through the front door all I could think of was how am I going to manage to live in this jail cell for the next 4 months of my life? Surrounded by cement walls, communal bathrooms, everything seemed so cl…

The Beginning of My Semester BY Anastasia

I have only been in Austria for a little over a month and already have so many fun stories and traveling experiences. I am really looking forward to living in this fun city. Vienna and Vancouver have very similar attributes. They both have similar cold weather and occasional rainy days. You can easily drink the tap water unlike other European cities. I huge similarity that I instantly noticed is that I feel very safe basically everywhere in this city. I have made several new friends from all over the world. The one big difference I noticed about Europe in general is the partying. Austrians will stay out until 6 am and still be able to function the next day. This will be a something I will need to adjust to. I am really looking forward to taking my German class even if I am already horrible at German. I am so also excited to visit other countries. Since I landed in Europe in the end of January I’ve already gone to Prague, Budapest, Nuremberg and Vienna. I am so excited to add more and …