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Arianne Liu: A Sky Full Of Stars, Studying Abroad In China

PRE DEPARTURE You probably know by now, that in my blogs I'll go into my usually jab about my challenges and how you should consider doing whatever it is I am preaching because if I didn't see value in the experience, then I wouldn't suggest it or do it myself. That's the motto! Why did I want to study abroad? If you can get academic credits and travel at the same time, then that's just gravy.

I almost applied in September 2012 (I couldn't get a second reference...), actually applied for the Spring 2016 semester in November of 2014 and again in August 2015. They rejected me both times because of my GPA and told me to reapply for 2017 meaning I would graduate a whole year late. I still pushed for 2016. I tried to sell them everything in the book about why I was the best candidate, references, my business, being marketing president, brought my grades up, went on as a full time student and seriously, none of it worked. I was so choked because I knew no other stud…