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Ania Bureacenco: Once Upon A Time in Europe.....

My Eurotrip started on June 27th, 2012, when I left Vancouver, and went to Belgrade, Serbia. I have visited many places since then, and hopefully many more to come until I leave December 23rd, 2012. Marked red on the map are the places I have already been to since my arrival.

First on my trip was Belgrade, Serbia, where I spent a week exploring the city and the culture. The food was amazing, and the city old and beautiful.

Then I went to Bosnia and Herzegovina where I visited Banja Luka, Stari Most, and Prijedor. I was also there for my best friend's wedding, and ended up having an amazing time at a traditional Bosnian wedding. 

After that, my friend and I went to Croatia, where we also visited numerous places. We went to Plitvicka Jezera, Split, Omis, and Baska Voda. All very beautiful in their own way.

After Croatia, I went on to Copenhagen, Denmark, where I met more friends. We got to go on the canals, see Crown Jewels, and visit an Ice Bar in the middle of summer. These action p…

Tana Ganbold: First and 100th Visit

There are thousands of guests that come to Magic Kingdom Park alone, and for many people it is their very first visit (you can tell by the “First Visit” buttons they pin on their clothes that Walt Disney World distributes). It is always nice to see guests’ faces light up with they finally lay eyes on Cinderella’s Castle. But it was more rewarding to talk to an old couple that was celebrating their 100th visit to Walt Disney World.

Cast members are encouraged to always interact and help the guests but I had the pleasure of talking a very special couple. This particular couple has been visiting for the past 15 years and has since been a regular at the park; which ultimately led to them celebrating their 100th visit. I thought I knew plenty about the parks; however, it would never top 100 visits worth of knowledge. Next to this couple, I felt like a rookie with just four months under my belt.
I asked them how they were going to celebrate their special day and they responded with “Just be…

Taysia Ross: Floods, Spiders, and Injuries Oh My!

My group of friends and I have this joke about how everything bad happens to me because since I have arrived in Orlando, I have had a lot of unpleasant things occur.So many things have not gone well while on this trip that now when I tell my friends that something else bad has happened all we can do is just laugh. I figured that this is where I could document some of the major misfortunes that have happened to me while living in Florida.
When we first arrived in Orlando we found a club that was so fun and always had great music. We later found out that this club was cursed. The second time I went there, my flip flops completely broke and so did one of my friends. That wasn’t that big of a deal so I decided to go there again. That next time, I had my phone and both of my Disney ID’s stolen, which ended up costing me over $200 to replace. Sadly, this is only the begging of my unfortunate events.
A couple of days later I bought a new cell phone and things were back to normal.I was really t…

Mateo Hernandez: My Trips Abroad

I have been lucky to have so many great opportunities to travel while I have been here in Vienna. Even though there are always a lot classes to attend and work to hand in, it is important to enjoy my time in Europe and see as much as I possibly can when I have a couple of days free at a time. My first visit was to London. I met an old friend and saw the heart of the city where the summer Olympics had taken place. I met a ton of great people and even took a tour of the Chelsea Stadium. Prague was next on the list. The first opportunity to travel with the entire Erasmus student body. It was an amazing trip filled with amazing students from all around the world. I could not have asked for more, but it got even better since my mother and brother came to visit and took part of this trip to Prague! Budapest was the week after. It was a quieter city, but just as amazing. We had some very interesting food at very offordable prices. We Hostel we stayed in was cheap ... and it reflected that with …

Nick Cross: Finding an Equilibrium

Working at Disney is a great and eye opening experience as it shows how much can be achieved when keeping myself busy at all times of the day. The term burning the candle at both ends keeps coming to mind through my months here at Disney as one end of the candle that is burning is my work life and the other side is my social life.
Upon first arrival at the Vista Way property the days were non-stop socialising as we had not yet started work so we were just sorting out paperwork and every now and then we had a meeting to go to or a class at Disney traditions. So our major focuses here were to meet new people at continue the socialising from the time at UCR. We learned of the party buses that happen every night leaving from the Disney properties to different social locations around the area including the House of Blues, Buffalo Wild Wings, and One South all of which are great places to visit, these buses then return back to Vista Way at around 2 30am. So I realised that there was definite…

Kelsey Kostner: Just Do It!

When studying in Europe, you need to take advantage of every possibility you have to do something exciting that you wouldn’t be able to experience at home. In the past 2 months that I have been in Europe, I have been in 7 different countries; the amount of traveling you can do while you’re in Europe is unreal!

When I flew out of Vancouver, I landed in London and spent a couple days there taking in the scenery and the history. Then after an extra long layover I arrived in Vienna and played tourist for a couple days. After getting settled in Vienna and making friends with my new classmates, we started planning trips! Firstly, I went to Munich for Oktoberfest with another Cap student. That was definitely s bucket list experience! A couple weeks later, we got a group together to go visit Prague, and then the next weekend the school organized a trip to Budapest. Both trips were absolutely amazing. The culture, architecture and everything else about both countries were so different than Cana…