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Michelle Santos: The End is Just the Beginning

As I sit here, at home, I look back at the experience of Studying Abroad and I cannot believe all the things I have learned about myself, my career, and about Disney. The experience of studying abroad was not even on my radar but thanks to one of my teachers, I became aware and ended up applying. Only 3 months later, I found out that I got into the program and at that moment I knew the rest of 2016 was going to be filled with a lot of firsts and an experience that was going to change my life forever. There were so many emotions going through me when I arrived in Florida, but I knew I had to have an open mind and an open heart to the people, the environment and the lifestyle I was about to enter.

It took some time but I finally found my grove working for Disney, taking courses through UCR and also my Disney course. I was blessed that I was able to make some very good friends while spending the first 2 weeks of the program in California. They became my family and before I met other peopl…