Ruby Woodruff: So Far, So Good

            When I left Vancouver I was an emotional wreck. I was so overwhelmed with leaving my friends and family that I kept bursting into tears. On top of that, I was stressing that I wouldn't be allowed into the country or that I'd forgotten some important paperwork... Luckily these worries were short lived and everything ended up working out. Now it feels like years ago, as opposed to weeks, that I was flying into the unknown on Air New Zealand. 


            Fortunately my friend lives in Auckland, so I spent my first week and a half on a blow up mattress in her storage room while I got myself sorted and found a more permanent place to live. I also bought a bike so that I could explore the city on my own.


            Auckland is very similar to Vancouver. It’s surrounded by water and there is greenery throughout the city. However, it's not quite as bike friendly as Vancouver, but they are working on more cycling infrastructure. Despite the bike issue, Auckland is an incredible city with so many different neighborhoods to discover.


            Currently I'm living off of Ponsonby Road with a bunch of Italian surfers and sharing a room with another CapilanoU student. I love it here. When I'm not at school I spend my time going on surf trips, eating homemade pizza and walking around Auckland taking photos.


            So far I've been to Raglan, Piha Beach, Muriwai Beach, Waiheke Island and a few local surf spots that our Kiwi "tour guide" has taken us to. Next weekend I’m going to Rotorua with some girls from school and I will be heading to Wellington for my 2-week break. Every place I visit is more beautiful than the last. All I'm worried about now is that I won't have enough time to see everything there is to see!

Ruby is a Bachelor of Communication student studying abroad at the UNITEC in Auckland, Australia.


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