Kerrigan Cartner: The Next Adventure Awaits

Well it’s July and the semester is coming to an end! Auckland has been such a treat, and I am so thankful for the opportunity that was given to me to study here. I have learned a lot about a new department in the film industry (art department) and have made some great visual content while meeting new friends on the way.

I have been very busy in the month of May working on a Web series at school. It was great fun to be apart of a project while getting to know other classmates creative process. After the Web Series ended I was able to do more things outside of school.

I think a lot of my experiences here in Auckland have taught me to live each day, walk everywhere and always say yes. Travelling leaves you with a new mindset and new views on your everyday life. Over one of our 2 weeks break I took on a challenge that I will forever remember. Ruby and I took on the Tongariro Northen Ciruit, where we spent two nights and 3 days hiking in the beautiful landscapes of New Zealand. I learned that I could challenge myself to experiences I had never tried before. The hiking proved to be difficult at times, but being surrounded by active volcanoes and amazing open valleys made up for it.

Another highlight was the All Blacks rugby game. I stood outside the stadium with a cardboard sign for two hours trying to get tickets to the sold out game. Luckily we got tickets and it was so much fun and checked it off the bucket list!

My adventure is done here in Auckland, but a new one is beginning. I am heading down to Queenstown for a Winter Festival for a few weeks, and than travelling more across New Zealand before my journey home on August 8th. It’s hard to believe the time that has past, as it seems like yesterday I was just starting school here at Unitec … but you know what they say, time flies when your having fun! Figured out that to be true as ever.
For the next couple months I expect to take full advantage of being in another country and let my inner explorer unravel. Won’t be long till I’m home now… but for now, Kia ora!
Kerrigan Cartner is a Bachelor of Motion Picture Arts student at Capilano University who is currently studying abroad at Unitec in New Zealand.


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