Matteo Bombara: 2 Month Review of the UK

It has been officially 2 months of my travel abroad experience, and I must say everything is going great. I find that broadening my international horizons has made me grow as an individual. Considering this is my first time living on my own, I have learnt many new life lessons. It has been difficult, but I feel I have improved my time management skills. I try to balance my social and school life, make time to cook new foods, and keep up with laundry, and all other types of cleaning.

Oxford University

I have become more accustomed to the education system in the U.K. I enjoy the fact that I have both tutorials and lectures. It makes each class easy to follow and succeed. There are also many feedback sessions for students. The professor can check any assignments that are being worked on numerous times, before the due date.


I look forward to my upcoming trips. Next week I plan on visiting my cousins in Milan. I will be there for one full week, hopefully eating like a king, and seeing all the tourist attractions that Milan has to offer.
Old Trafford, Manchester

After this, some friends from Vancouver are going to meet me in Verona, and travel south of Italy. From there we will then fly to Paris, and possibly Barcelona after.   
Will definitely send some photos, of all these amazing destinations!!


Overall, I am enjoying every moment I have in the U.K. I am already entering my third month (wow times flies)! April will be a busy month (projects/exams/trips), it will be quite a test for me, but I am looking forward to it!
SOHO, London
Matteo is a  third year Bachelor of Business Administration Degree student at Capilano University. Matteo is studying abroad at University of Herfordshire, England.  


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