Sarah Panther: Springtime In Innsbruck

What a journey it has been so far! March has been an exciting month; the weather changing form snow to sun, flowers blossoming, and the thrill of meeting new friends from all over the world has made my time in Innsbruck more than what I could have imagined. The city has so much to offer and you find yourself experiencing new things everyday.

Within my first week I bought a used bike and started exploring the city. At one moment you find yourself in the historic old-town, and the next you are cruising beside an aqua marine coloured river – I am in love with this city! Meeting friends has been easier and less intimidating than I thought it would be. There are so many international students in the city and everyone is more than welcoming. This has already got me feeling “at home” in Innsbruck


I would have to say the highlight of my trip so far has been snowboarding on the local mountains that surround Innsbruck. I have gone up Kuthai, Stubaier Gletscher, and Mayrhofen. Every time I go up the chairlift my jaw drops at the endless view of the Austrian Alps. The snow-covered mountains carry on far into the distance and appear as if they continue on to the other side of the Earth. The warm weather has made the experience even more enjoyable, as you can relax at the top of the mountain in your t-shirt and enjoy Austrian beer and my new obsession: knuddels!




A few weeks ago I recconected with my old friends in Munich. I hadn’t seen them in over five years!!  We couldn’t believe that although so much time had gone by, it felt like nothing between us had changed. I’m hoping to build new life long friendships like that here in Innsbruck. This place has a way of bringing people together and showing you that no matter where you come from, we all have simililarities.


I can’t wait to further explore Innsbruck and the rest of Europe!


Sarah is a third year Bachelor of Tourism Management student studying abroad at Management Centre Innsbruck in Innsbruck, Austria.


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