Stephanie Aditadwinanti: Tiananmen Square

On May 14th 2014, was the day where the group of China Field School 2014 went to Tiananmen Square. Tiananmen Square is the fourth largest square in the world. As mentioned on the China Field School Reading Material, there were several activities been held in this square, which caused so many police officers had to be all around the square, until today. The four places that could be visited: Tiananmen Tower, Monument to People’s Heroes, Great Hall of the People, and Memorial Hall of Chairman Mao.

Since it was late in the afternoon, the Memorial Hall of Chairman Mao has been closed for public. Therefore, we only had opportunity to walk around the square and see the people that visited the square. At the same time, I had opportunity to actually see so many police officers and the army with and without uniform in the Tiananmen Square. I also saw couple of fire extinguishers that according to Wikipedia used to anticipate the unexpected protest that might happen inside Tiananmen Square just like the very last one on 1989.

 After the free time at the square we as group went through the underground to cross the street to get into the Tiananmen gate in that brought us to the Forbidden City. In that massive gate, there was a huge picture of Chairman Mao. That picture represents Chairman Mao as the person who pronounced the People of The Republic of China back in 1949.
Stephanie is a fourth year Bachelor of Business Administration student.  This is Stephanie's second time in China. 


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