London Field School Blog Post

"London is an extremely multicultural city"
- Samantha Holmes 

Borough Market
From the moment we walked into the Borough Market we were flooded with smells of the wonderful food and drinks each booth had to offer. Even if you weren't hungry going into the market, the incredible produce and fresh baked goods were bound to change that. No matter what you had a craving for, this market could satisfy it. One highlight was the 20 plus booths selling different types of cheeses that would make anyone excited to take a bite. If you did your rounds at the market and could not eat more but still want to do a little shopping, just outside the market are a few boutique shops. Here you can purchase anything from clothes and accessories to naturally made skin care products. 

Soho's Secret Tea Room
After the Borough Market, we trekked to an adorable secret tearoom in SoHo. The room itself was perched above a small pub and contained roughly 10 tables. Our massive group filled 8 of them. Amongst the obvious tea drinking, we enjoyed the customary and complementary cakes, scones, pies, sandwiches and biscuits. As a group, we were really able to experience the historical significance with not only famous teas from the UK, but teas from around the world. London is an extremely multicultural city and helping us embrace these cultures with something as simple as leaves will definitely be a massive takeaway from our trip. 

Football Match
Our next stop was to Kingsmeadow stadium. Here we got to experience a higher part of English culture - football. The English league is the most popular soccer league in the world. In England the soccer league can be divided into 8 levels. The teams we watched today are in the football league one, which is the third level. We experienced English soccer culture, and we found something interesting - English people treat soccer as their national sport as Canadians to hockey. Similarly to what can be extended at a hockey game, the home fans are not very friendly to away fans and players. It was very interesting to see how all the fans came together and sang songs and chants during the whole game. Fortunately, the home team scored in the last minute, and everyone left the stadium with smiles. All in all it was a fun game and a great experience to see how passionate the English people are about soccer. 

Blogger: Samantha Holmes is presently a student in the Bachelor's of Arts in Liberal Studies program at Capilano University. She participated in the 2018 London Field School. 


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