Chiara Locascio: Wine, Sweet Wine

I am now nearing the end of my semester at Inseec, with two weeks left. Wow, feels like just yesterday I was driving into Bordeaux, eyes wide in amazement, and moving into my new apartment. These past two months have just flown by, especially with March being the intense party month (all the student campaigns going on… meaning they compete with each other to throw the best parties and events! And they have to do anything you ask… want a massage? Or McDonalds when you’re hungover? Or someone to come clean your flat? They will be there in a jiffy to get your votes at the end of the campaign).

I am so grateful and happy to have called this amazing city my home the past 3 months, it has been a blast and I could definitely say that this has been by far the best semester ever! It does make me really sad however, to think that it’s almost over and I am going to have to say goodbye to some great friends I have met here, as we all continue on in our life journeys all across the world.

These past 3 months have definitely been a learning curve for me. Back in Vancouver, I live at home and I am used to the constant nurturing of my parents and family. Living in my own apartment in a foreign city, on my own has really pushed, and forced me to strengthen my independency and learn qualities about myself I never knew I had. One little example: back at home, I didn’t do much cleaning, or cooking but I guess that was just because my mom was always there to do it for us. Living alone, I have learnt that I actually really enjoy cooking myself meals, and even cleaning! I know sounds crazy, but it makes me feel like I accomplished something and it is refreshing. Also, I feel like I have become a chef! I can cook a mean stir fry.

Wines are sold everywhere, and for as cheap as 1.99 Euros, and on average 3.50 Euros! So it is very hard to decide, as you can see in this picture, I am really concentrated!
At Inseec, all the students leave right after their semester finishes for 2 months in their first year and 6 months in their second year, for an internship. They have to find their own internships around the world and send in resumes to hopefully get the chance to work in these Businesses in their area of study. I have friends here going to Bali, Germany, London, Barcelona, Amsterdam not for vacation, but to go get hands on international work experience. I think this is an amazing way to gain and develop your skills directly in areas that will help guide and pave your future career.

Having this amazing opportunity to study abroad, and seeing how easy it is to seek work internationally, has now kindled a fire in me to continue traveling in the future and when I’m done my studies at Capilano, to seek work experience abroad. Before I came to Bordeaux, I never considered, or even though it possible to seek work experience abroad after my studies. However, now I think that is a definite plan for me. 

This is a picture of me at Chateaux Thau, on the outskirts of Bordeaux, tasting some delicious Bordeaux Red.

One last thing, after taking a semester on Wine and Spirits, I am definitely considering a future in this field. It is a subject that is not really offered in Vancouver and one is very new to me. After studying it for 3 months, visiting multiple Chateaux, attending numerous wine events and meeting many professionals in the field, I have developed a great interest in the field. I have also learnt that there are many different careers that branch off from this area of study and there is a growing market for Wine and Spirits in Canada.

Chiara is a third year Bachelor of Business Administration student studying abroad at INSEEC Business School in Bordeaux, France.


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