Lexi Davis: Bordeaux vs Vancouver

Since arriving in Bordeaux I have been looking for similarities between Bordeaux and Vancouver and it took me over a month before I found any…The first similarity was when I went to the movies; the movie theater was larger than Silver City and the movie was in English. I highly recommend going to the movies if you are ever feeling homesick! 

The second similarity I found was going to a Euro Football game (soccer). Alex, Chiara and I attended a Bordeaux soccer match on the weekend and we sat (well stood, because no one sits during the game) in the section that was equivalent to the “South Siders” at a White Caps games. Both Bordeaux and Vancouver a major sports cities; you can find a lot different sports being played at INSEEC and around town. There are also a lot of places where you can watch international sports game. There were quite a few Super Bowl Sunday parties last weekend. 

These are a couple of the similarities that I have found between the two cities, but for the most part the two cities are very different. First off, Bordeaux (the entire city centre) is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is filled with lots of history and culture, whereas Vancouver is an extremely young city and lacks a lot of the cultural influences that you can see all over Bordeaux.

Lexi is a third year Business Adminstration student studying abroad at INSEEC Business School in Bordeaux, France.  Lexi also participated in the 2013 China Field School.  


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