Zac Hansen: Finding the Individual

Learning to become a more individualistic person can lead to worldwide friendships and incredible personal growth. As an only child, I quickly learned the importance of making friends as well as how to manage situations independently.
From my travels, I have learned to lead myself down my own personal desired path of interest. Having the power to go outside your comfort zone and travel to a country or city by yourself, even if it is for a day before your friends arrive is incredibly thrilling and life building experience. Traveling independently really forces a person to go out of their comfort zone and meet new people.
Hostels are great for this as good hostels provide a very social atmosphere that allows people to interact. Besides, if you are traveling alone, why not go up and talk to some attractive people of the opposite sex? Seriously guys or girls, it’s one of the easiest situations to spark up a conversation so go for it! Being independent does not have to mean traveling alone.
Traveling with a good group of friends is awesome and will always bring some along a good energy and fun times.  Traveling with friends brings different opinions that will sometimes conflict when time is a factor. Instead of skipping the opportunity to participate in an activity or see a landmark that you would like to see, the simple solution do what you desire to do!
Go outside you’re comfort zone and spend a little time traveling around a new city and enjoy what you personally want to see. You will always return to your friends at night and you can share with them your cool experiences.  Traveling with a little bit of an independent mind state can lead you to overcome personal challenges and give you the skills you need to handle yourself in a wide variety of situations

Zac is a third year Bachelor of Business Administration student study abroad at HZ University of Applied Sciences in Vlssingen, The Netherlands. 


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