Natasha Fenton: That One Time I Studied Abroad

So it’s been about a month since I arrived in Aberdeen and everything is starting to feel familiar now.  When we first arrived, Addy and I noticed a lot of differences between Aberdeen and Vancouver.  The first difference we encountered was at the Aberdeen airport.  There is a revolving door that leads outside of the airport that revolves in the opposite direction!  One of the more obvious differences of course is that the cars drive on the opposite side of the street.  The majority of things here seem to work in the opposite way that they do at home!  Another example of this is the crosswalks.  Here you wait for about five minutes and then everyone crosses at once! You could cross the street diagonally if you wanted to. 

So far, Addy and I have been to Inverness (where the Loch Ness monster is) and visited Urquhart Castle.  We’ve also been to Stonehaven and visited Dunnottar Castle.  Both castles were so beautiful and picturesque.  We’ve also planned a couple trips that are coming up soon.  Our next one is to Edinburgh for the weekend. The following weekend, we’re going to Amsterdam and two weeks after that we’re going to Dublin!  March is going to be full of traveling!  In April, we’re going to visit April and Gordon in Hungary and also go to Austria and Czech Republic.  I’m really excited to travel and to see other parts of Europe!

I’m a little nervous about school because it is quite a bit different here than it is at home.  For two of our classes, the final exam is worth 100% and one of our exams consists of only three questions!  It’s definitely weird not having to write midterms or other assignments throughout the semester for those two classes.  In our other two classes, we’re graded on our group presentations and papers.  That is a little less stressful because it’s more what we’re used to.  We’re still adjusting to the way school works here, but I’m sure we’ll get into the rhythm of it soon!

Natasha is a third year BBA student studying abroad at Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, Scotland.


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