Katy Brady: Growth in Vienna

If there was one word to sum up my experience in Vienna so far, as well as the many more months to come, it would be growth. Although it has only been 6 weeks, I can already sense a change in myself as well as how I see the world, something that I did not expect to feel so early in the experience. When I first became interested in studying abroad and began to ask people about their experiences, everyone told me it would be the most amazing and life changing experience; however, no one told me how hard it can me. Like any journey, it has its moments of true excellence and moments of great difficulty, but from this, I believe, comes great growth.  

My time in Vienna has been superb. Just the act of living abroad is amazing in itself, not to mention all the fantastic experiences that I have already encountered. For me, it has been the simple things about the Viennese culture that have had the most impact. They seem to have this sense of time that is much different from how I live my life in Vancouver. Although they can be very strict with arriving to events at the appropriate time, it’s been my observation that they like to watch time pass. Whether it is sitting in a coffee haus sipping on melange, or sitting on a park bench enjoying nature, they will sit there for hours, enjoying every minute of it. And it has been those moments, of spending hours in a coffee haus or sitting on a park bench, that have had the most impact on me. Simplicity. It’s a beautiful thing.

I feel as if it is too early to properly describe the importance that this experience will have on me; however, from what I have experienced so far, there is no doubt in my mind that this will indeed be the most life changing experience that I have yet to encounter. This makes me incredibly excited for the next 4 months, which will be filled with more travel within Europe as well as getting to know Vienna even more, making it my second home. Can’t wait!

Katy Brady is a third year Bachelor of Communications Studies student. She is currently on a semester exchange at FHWien University of Applied Sciences in Vienna, Austria.  Katy also participated in the 2012 Guatemala Field School. 


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